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Couples Counseling services in Yonkers, NY

It takes hard work and commitment to make any relationship work. Sometimes even the most devoted couples have conflicts and other problems that they can’t resolve. If you’re having relationship problems, visit Caroline Browne, LCSW, at Kente Therapy Space LCSW PLLC in Yonkers, New York. Caroline is an experienced therapist offering couples counseling. With her help, you can overcome your relationship difficulties. Call Kente Therapy Space today or book a couples counseling appointment online.

What is couples counseling?

Couples counseling helps you and your partner overcome relationship problems when you can’t resolve them yourselves.

Humans are naturally social and seek others’ company. Close relationships are essential for most people and often provide some of life’s greatest rewards. But every relationship goes through difficulties at times.

If both partners cooperate, communicate, and compromise, they’ll likely overcome these challenges. If you and your partner can’t connect and agree on a solution, couples counseling at Kente Therapy Space can help you deal with your problems and bring you together again.

When might I need couples counseling?

Common problems that often require couples counseling include:

  • Poor communication
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Family conflicts
  • Parenting differences
  • Debt and money worries

Couples counseling can also be beneficial before you encounter relationship difficulties. Many people find that having couples counseling before marriage provides them with the knowledge and understanding to deal with the challenges that might come up.

What does couples counseling involve?

At Kente Therapy Space, Caroline offers a safe space for you to examine the problems in your relationship without judgment. She begins by assessing your relationship and learning about the difficulties involved. She then works with you to help you overcome these hurdles.

Caroline specializes in interpersonal communication and to remove relationship obstacles and enhance partnerships. Strong interpersonal skills enable you to manage conflict, build and maintain a healthy relationship, and improve intimacy. Skills Caroline teaches you include:


Communication skills include actively listening to others when they speak instead of thinking about what you plan to say next. You also learn how to respond to others thoughtfully, considering how your response will affect them.


Assertiveness means feeling confident enough to say no to others when necessary and ask for things you want or need. Being assertive doesn’t involve being unreasonable or aggressive — a trap many people fall into when trying to assert themselves.

Conflict resolution

Conflict is natural and unavoidable in relationships. Caroline teaches you conflict resolution skills to help you understand each other’s views and settle your differences together.

Anger management

Anger management education involves recognizing anger and expressing it appropriately. This ensures that you’re better able to cope with emergencies, solve relationship challenges, and achieve your goals without losing your temper.

Call Kente Therapy Space today to arrange a couples counseling session or book an appointment online.