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Depression and Anxiety services in Yonkers, NY

One person in the US dies of suicide every 11 minutes, according to the latest statistics. But with the proper treatment and support, even those with severe depression can recover. If you have depression or anxiety symptoms, visit Caroline Browne, LCSW, at Kente Therapy Space LCSW PLLC, in Yonkers, New York. Caroline is an experienced counselor offering talk therapy (psychotherapy) to help people overcome depression and anxiety. Call Kente Therapy Space today or book an appointment online for compassionate mental health treatment.

What is depression?

Depression is a severe mood disorder in which you feel sad, hopeless, and mentally exhausted for weeks or months. Unlike the occasional bout of the blues, depression is relentless and the condition gets worse over time.

Some people with depression have difficulty sleeping, while others sleep excessively. The same happens with appetite — some have little wish to eat while others use food for comfort. Relationships deteriorate, it’s hard to perform well at work, and you lose interest in activities you normally enjoy.

Severe depression can lead to self-harm and obsessive thoughts about death.

Can I suffer from anxiety when I have depression?

Yes — many people have depression and anxiety at the same time. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is the most common problem, causing widespread anxiety (feelings of fear, stress, and worry) about most things in your life. You can also suffer from a phobia like social anxiety disorder.

Feeling anxious about an interview or other significant event is expected. But your anxiety shouldn’t be disabling or continue after the event. When you have GAD, the worry and fear are endless and exhausting. You might also suffer from panic attacks, highly distressing periods where you can’t function because the anxiety overwhelms you.

Panic attacks cause symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, sweating, and shaking. A severe episode resembles a heart attack. The experience can be so unpleasant that people avoid leaving their homes to prevent further attacks.

Depression can develop when you have an anxiety disorder, or you could become anxious because of your depression. Treating depression and anxiety begins with a detailed assessment to determine each condition’s severity and possible causes.

How are depression and anxiety treated?

For most people, medication and/or psychotherapy (talk therapy) offer relief from depression and anxiety.

Caroline is a highly skilled licensed clinical social worker who teaches her patients interpersonal communication skills. She explains the journey to better mental health.

Improved communication reduces anxiety and depression and enhances relationships. You might benefit from other approaches, including Gestalt therapy (focusing on current problems and feelings) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which enables you to identify and change unhealthy thoughts.

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